The laser engraving machine has a wide range of uses, high precision and fast engraving speed. Compared with the traditional manual engraving method, the laser engraving effect is more delicate. It is precisely because there are so many laser engraving machines Because of its advantages, its application has gradually replaced the traditional engraving equipment and methods, and has become the mainstream engraving equipment widely used in the market. Here is the application scope of the engraving machine:

     1. Laser engraving machine can be used in the model industry. Building model, mechanical model, vehicle model and ship model make the model more exquisite. It can help users improve work efficiency and save materials.

  1. The laser engraving machine can also be used in the sign industry. Plaques, signs, signboards The construction of urban public facilities, the renovation of streets, modern residential areas, hotels, office buildings, and other signs are changing with each passing day.
  2. Arts and gifts industry. More and more medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials in conferences and tourism activities, such as arts and crafts, gifts and souvenirs, are made by carving.
  3. Industrial processing and manufacturing industry. The carving machine can easily and quickly produce a large number of exquisite molds for gypsum ceiling, ceramic tiles, floor tiles and other architectural decorative materials, thus doubling the value of decorative materials products processed with this mold. According to foreign survey statistics, in Germany, Switzerland and other developed industrial countries in Western Europe, 2/3 of carving machines are used as machine tools in factories. China is becoming the "factory of the world". It is believed that the carving machine will enter one workshop after another in China vigorously and prosperously.
  4. Glass industry. The plexiglass process and the plexiglass processed by the plexiglass are one of the carving materials, no matter which of the five processes of "cutting", "milling", "carving", "carving" and "drilling" is used.

To sum up, laser engraving machines are widely used in bamboo and wood ware, clothing, food, beverage, packaging, handicrafts, PCB, communication equipment, electronics, instrumentation, electronics and other industries. Suitable for carving a variety of non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, paper, bamboo, wood products, acrylic, organic glass, resin, rubber, etc. And with the continuous improvement of technology, the application field of laser engraving machine will be more and more extensive.