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Help Page and Knowledge Base

Q1: What is heat press machine?
A1: That also could be called dye-sublimation transfer, is the portrait, landscape, etc. Use any picture printed on plain paper thermal transfer ink or high-precision printing paper, and then through the corresponding thermal heat transfer equipment within minutes to a certain temperature, the color of a particular process image is transferred to paper lifelike porcelain, porcelain, porcelain, clothing, metal and other materials on.

Q2: What other equipment needed when I want to print a T-shirt ?
A2: Except our heat press , you also need Ink-jet photo printer, sublimation paper, sub ink, thermal tape and blank T-shirt or sub Mug etc.

Q3: How should I print vinyl onto T-shirt ?
A3: Design your artwork and cut vinyls by cutting plotter; secondly, put artwork vinyl and cover it with Teflon sheet onto heat press and start it; at last get out T-shirt and peal off the foil after heating time reaches.

Q4: How to Print a T-shirt or Mug ?
A4: a. Design photo/Logo or Edit by Photo-shop.
b. Print it out onto ink-jet paper by ink-jet photo printer with sublimation ink.
c. cut printed paper and stick onto the T-shirt / mug surface by thermal tape.
D. Put it into heat press machine and Set temperature and time moderately (i.e. 185 degrees and 60 seconds)
e. when time reaches, Tear off the image paper after getting mug out from heat press.
f. Beautiful gift is ok.

Q5: My image quality is not very good, why did that happen?
A5: It is quite frequently the case that the paper quality you have used is not correct. For example, if you should use an ink-jet printer, using a standard photo copy paper will not work very well. Photo copy paper is actually quite fibrous, and the ink will run along the paper fibers, that gives a very blurred and smudged image. It is particularly important for a small area like a badge, so we always recommend you use the correct paper for your printer.

Q6: How many kinds of items can be heat presses?
A6: Here are some prompt, of course, you can have a try on other thing:
T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Ceramic Plates, Numbers, Ceramic Tiles, Mouse Pads, Lettering, Tote Bags, Jigsaw Puzzles, Rhinestones/Crystals, Paper Memo Cubes, Wood / Metals Other Misc. Fabrics & Materials.

Q7: Wanna establish your own printing studio?
A7: Now dye sublimation printing is answer!
Dye sublimation just need very simple process, it is the method of applying images on mug, plate, T-shirt, cap, metal board, puzzle, mouse pad, tile, lighter, metal and so on.
You could use any photos you like to press on these kinds of materials, then as personal gifts or commemorative products, or even marketing promotion products and incentive products.
We are the one of biggest manufacture of heat press machine, mug press machine, cap press machine, we could provide OEM/ODM service for you, our guarantee is to offer you the best service and high quality products you need.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We will try our best for you.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiries.