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About Us

SIHAO is a leader in Laser Engraver& Printing Equipment and Supplies. We specialize in Laser engraver ,Heat press machines, Cutting Plotter, Screen Printing, Flash Dryer, UV Exposure Unit, Sports equipment, Food machinery accessories and supplies!
Shanghai Sihao E-commerce Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, mainly engaged in cross-border business for 14 yeas. Our headquarters is in America, and controlled office is in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Portsmouth, and Sydney. There are logistics warehouses in Los Angeles, Portsmouth, Sydney. Logistics warehouse distribution in Los Angeles can cover customers throughout North America,There are also logistics warehouses in European several countries, logistics warehouse distribution can cover the whole European customers, and logistics warehouse distribution in Sydney can cover the whole Oceania Australia customers. Portsmouth, Sydney.The logistics warehouses completed the global supply chain of SIHAO. At present, the company operates more than 10000 kinds of products with more than 100000 employees.
In 2010, SIHAO has experienced 8 years whose business category covers Business & Industry, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods and so on four big categories, which fully meet different consumer demand to provide customers with the perfect shopping choices. In all time, the ERP system which was researched by our company independently support subsequent company's sustainable development.
In 2011-now, the company put forward a concept which is "market-oriented, based on the customer service and products quality ".
In 2011 the company sales had grown 165%, customer satisfaction had been to 99.6%, and in 2012, 2013 the sales continued to increase more than 100%, customer satisfaction is still as high as 99.6%. SIHAO get in touch with customers to reply to the customer in eight hours and solve customer disputes, save every customer's time with the best quality service if there is any transaction which is no matter which clients from the world.
In 2012, cross-border electricity put forward mission which is "promoted the Chinese service, show the image", SIHAO electricity always will be "Chinese advocate of service concepts, practitioner of service standards, display of service image , inheritor of tradition service culture. In the future, SIHAO will continue to show global consumers with the real meaning of "China's service".